Sunday, May 17, 2009

California Adventure!

Here we are standing by the "F" in California. When I say "we" I mean everyone but me. I like to be behind the camera!
The first ride we enjoyed was the Rocket. It's easy to take pictures on a kiddie ride.

Adalyn was all smiles on this ride.

It's hard to take a picture on California Screamin'. What a ride! I loved it! A picture is snapped during the ride and shown on a screen at the end. Is it stealing to take a picture of the picture they charge you $14.95 if you want it?

On a hot day, water play in Bug Land is a hit! Here's Adalyn and Kelsey getting wet!

Cyrus is running around trying to "avoid" the water misters over head.

We found Chip or is it Dale? I can never tell those two apart!

The Tower of Terror was another ride that was FUN! Forget the kiddie rides. I like the ones that make the little ones cry! Another stolen picture? I better talk to my bishop.

Here we are back in Bug Land on a ride made by Flick the ant from Bug's Life. Cyrus didn't cry on this one!

Adalyn and Emily like Bug Land too!

Moms and babies like the ride. Where's Dad? He finally got a chance to eat some lunch so he took advantage of that. For 3 days we lived on peanut butter sandwiches and Cheetos. A lot better than getting a second mortgage to buy the food in the park for 9 people,

This is how we all felt when it was time to say goodbye to Disneyland.

But we were jealous of Caitlyn. We all needed a nap!

We shall return!


KC said...

So glad to see the kids finally slept...I understand they didn't the first day! As far as taking out a second to buy the food for 9 people...I understand. We took food in for the kids..and then Brian and I usually shared a meal. If you get a Disney visa...and earn rewards...then it's like free money! and to answer your question, which I was a little confused on...yes, I do like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. At first I thought you had heard about the incident with Brison. He is allergic to peanuts and somebody in my family fed him half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the airport in Long Beach! FUN! Please post more pictures...and I'm glad you liked the Tower and California Screamin'. You'll need to talk to dad about those, he liked them also!

Valerie said...

Shoot! Now I want to go to California! So close too! Rick wants to get me on Tower of Terror, but so far I have refused! I'm not a big ride fan...last time it took me the whole trip to work up to California Screamin' (which I rode over and over once they got me on it!)
Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing your fun times.

funky bag freak said...

How fun, I love Disneyland (even at my age)! HA

Thank you for your sweet comment, I appreciate it


wendy said...

Whooo hoooo-- how fun. I am amazed that you would go on the rides. NOT ME --NOPE!!!! The carosel is about as much excitement I can handle on the rides. the little girl at the bottom with the princess hat on looks alot like one of My grandaughters----it's those cute freckles.

jill langston kaufusi said...

sure wish i would have been INVITED!!
I was wearing my tall white socks and shorts all weekend.

Kazzy said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I love to laugh or scream like that until I exhaust myself! Glad you had a great time.

Ann Marie said...

I love the Tower of Terror!
We went on it like 6 times in a row.. One of my favorite rides EVER! I am a ride girl.. Love Lagoon, Disneyland and I'm sure I'd love Six flags... I love that you were ridin too!