Monday, May 4, 2009

Count Your Blessings!

There is a children's book that has pictures of a day in the life of a child who has several things happen to him. When things occur that are not what he wanted, he would look sad and the words, "That's Bad!", would be on the page. Then on the next page, things would turn around and be even better and the words, "NO, That's Good!", would be next to the picture of the smiling child.

I am that child.

When things happen to me or a loved one, that I feel shouldn't be in the plan, I want to yell, "THAT'S BAD!" As I open my eyes and look past the problems and at the whole picture, I realize, "No... that's good!"

None of us will go through life without difficulties, heart aches, and challenges. If we do, we're not really living!

I promise to count my blessings every day!


Ann Marie said...

Good thoughts.. It's true..
Sometimes our trials and things that seem to be so bad end up becoming great blessings..

gigi said...

I just gave this thought to my little sister on the way to the airport today. She was flying back to her home in SLC. YOu have to look around and count your blessings OFTEN!

wendy said...

That is so true, even though sooooo hard for me to "accept". I don't like bad things --THAT'S BAD!!!! and it is hard to find the good. Sheeeesh.

Kazzy said...

Great attitude. Can I count you in the "That's good!" category?

Joanie said...

I am really counting my blessings today after our morning program. It was soooooooooooo good.