Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Bit of Heaven?

The day started with a phone call to South Africa to talk to my son. It ended with a call from Houston to talk with my daughter.
Mother's Day and missionaries....a great combination!

Sandwiched in between were:
church, geraniums, lots of work, lots of visiting, family, and:

Andy's family came and joined the celebration. His 2 brothers, Tom and Ted, his Mom and Dad,

two sisters in law, Patty and Heather,

There were kisses,

good food,

fun...not sure for who - or is it whom?,

A pinata - in the replica of a mother?...

She knows how to deliver the goods...
Just ask Cyrus, he was hit in the eye by flying candy.

The trampoline monster, all the way from Albuquerque

Yes, a little bit of heaven to have all my family together (except the missionaries, of course) on Mother's Day!


gigi said...

Looks like a wonderful and happy busy day! There is nothing bettere on Mother's Day than calls form your missionary children. One mother's day both mine were serving at the same time. Such sweet memories.

wendy said...

NOW that is a GREAT idea --I think next mothers day I'll get a pinata of a mother so they can all give it a good whack!!!! would probably be very theraputic for the kids (tee,hee)

Joanie said...

I just love the sketch. Which one of your talented children drew this?

Connie said...

Dan drew the sketch. Can you tell who it is? :-)