Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cooking Tips

There's a widow in her 80's who lives down the street from me. Every time I go to visit her, she has tips for cooking and saving money. The other day, while visiting, she had more great ideas. This is how our (her) conversation went:

"Do you want to save money and fix a quick dinner? Here's something you can do". (She leans forward in her chair and as she tells me this great tidbit, her voice gets louder and she talks faster)
"You go to the store when the weenies are on 89 cents a package. Don't get the ones with 10 in them, they're too skinny and you have to eat two, get the ones with 8 because they're bigger. Don't just buy 1 package, get several because they'll keep for a long time in the refrigerator! When you're home alone, or if you're home with Andyortheboyandyou'rehungry
...."(at this point she sits back and folds her arms as though she's going to reveal a real treasure)"...cook a weenie!"

I'll be going to see her again. I know you'll be anxiously waiting for me to post more cooking tips. In the meantime, I need to gather up my cross-stitch supplies. I have a wall hanging to make! "Cook a Weenie!"


Kazzy said...

Man, that belongs in our recently-made cookbook! I would love to hear her detailed recipe for apples or bananas.

Cherie said...

That is so cute it made me laugh. You gotta love the little old ladies sometimes!!

I got some weenies - I think I'll cook 'em!! :D

wendy said...

That's great!!! older people (whoops that could actually include me) are so fun to visit with.

gigi said...

I'm still giggling. (sp?)

Ann Marie said...

I want to see that cross stitch!

I love old people. Seriously.

I find myself all of the time quoting things my Grandmother told me in the last years of her life..

There is MUCh wisdom with age.

jill langston kaufusi said...

At what point in her teachings did her incontinence get the best of her?

Valerie said...

Gees, I wish I had known this sooner in my life. Think of all the "Mom, what's for dinner" dilemmas I could have solved. Instead of answering "I don't know" new response will be "Cook a Weenie"!
And I think I know this lady too, which makes it even better!