Friday, May 15, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Here I am in Sunny California and I'm posting about signs. Weird! I saw these signs and decided to put them on because I'm kind of anal about what signs say and whether or not words are spelled correctly.

This sign is just outside the entrance of the hotel. The sign on top says that smoking is NOT allowed!

The sign just below it shows that the state of California doesn't expect people to follow the previous sign.
This one is just that the H fell off but since I was on a roll I took the picture.

This hand-written sign was placed on a toaster in the dining room. I think it means that the toaster doesn't work!

I can over-look this sign because it's hand written and there's a good chance the person who wrote it has English as a second language. It REALLY bothers me if a professional sign maker misspells words or a published book has misspellings or misuse of language. I learned that it's called linguistic chauvinism. The sad thing about all this is...I'm not perfect either! Oh well...enjoy the signs. I'll post some Disneyland pictures soon.


KC said...

Love it! I especially like the one from the toaster...can't they just buy a new one? Didn't the money YOU paid to stay there pay for a new toaster or two? I've always wondered that...really, how hard is it to go and get a new toaster! Can't wait for the pictures!!

gigi said...

Yea, your toaster sign is to funny!
You are funny and I liked your take on the pictures. Have fun.
Sunshine and smiles.

wendy said...

Those are funny -------I posted about sings once where the sign was hand written on a big board (spray painted) and it said No ENTEREY -------I laughed.
Have fun in California you lucky devil

Joanie said...

To my favorite linguistic chauvinistic friend. I still remember the day we learned that term. Happy you are having so much fun looking at signs. Just the other day I asked Karen how to spell a word since I knew you would be looking at the word. Want to keep you happy.

Valerie said...

Well, I learned something new! I'm a linguistic chauvinist too...glad to know the term.
I have a funny sign I am trying to get up the nerve to take a picture of. I have to wait for just the right moment...

Kazzy said...

Yeah, welcome to SoCal. How do you like that spelling? Well, that's what they call it there!