Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Day!

"We'll remember always, graduation day"
This picture was taken with a polaroid camera 100 years ago...ok, 38 years ago. The year was 1971, to be exact. Brenda and Kathy are in the picture with me. Do you remember your graduation day?
Let's fast forward 20 years.
I am pregnant with my 8th child. My twins, who were almost 16, made comments as to how old my husband and I would be when "this baby" graduates! "Dad might even be in a wheel chair!"

The day has arrived. "This baby" graduated today. There were no wheel chairs - both Andy and I were able to move on our own.

It kind of makes me feel empty. Almost like I have post-partum blues. My baby, Jacob, has reached a milestone in his life that represents independence, adulthood, responsibility, and great opportunities.
I'm sure I feel the same way many mothers feel - have I done all I should have done for him, have I taught him well? Will he be successful? I can't keep him in a chrysalis, unable to fully experience life. I need to let him spread his wings and try life on his own. It's hard, but that's what he's been preparing to do for the past 17+ years.

There he goes.


The Newest Mexicans said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not healthy to let yourself think about life and reality and emptiness!? Put on some Metallica really loud and drive fast until you're so tired there's no way you'll be laying at the ceiling with tears in your eyes.

But, try to be awake enough to whack the window-sill hobos with your rolling pin in they try to get in.

THAT is the real way to find balance in life

Valerie said...

Are you sure he's old enough to be graduating? I demand a recount...pretty sure last time I checked he was in Middle School!

What a sweet, thoughtful post!

(And your family is hilarious, by the way! I love to read all their comments...hmmm wonder where they get it?)

The Garden of Egan said...

Great pictures. I love the "ancient" one from 1971.
And the butterfly says it all. I am feeling your pain because my baby just graduated. I'm not ready to not be a fulltime mama!

I love your blog, it's dang funny.

Camille said...

Isn't it ironic that your baby is graduating (and moving on) and your oldest has moved back in... Just trying to help with the "empty nest" syndrome. :)

As for Jake, he'll be just fine. As long as there's cereal and Savers, he'll continue to eat well and dress himself.

Kazzy said...

I can't imagine the feelings that would accompany this experience for you. You have such great kids. I am in awe.

gigi said...

Congratulations to all of you. Big day and happy day and sad day, so many emotions in one. I know you are proud.

Sondra said...

Your last child of 8? WOW! Wow again you awesome Mother... The question I have is: "Did you enjoy the journey?"... Life really does go by so fast and mine is ticking by very fast too. Soon my youngest of only 2 will be graduating. Instead of dreading it - I am trying to enjoy the journey each day. It will be a huge change for me to have an empty house.

I still am in awe of you for having 8 children. I would have loved it - if I'd been blessed with that. I bet it's a blast during family get togethers.

wendy said...

how can you be so skinny and have had 8 kids----I know, menopause hasn't sabatoged you yet------has to be that.
it is hard to see our kids grow up and once they graduate ---they really do take flight!!