Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disneyland Highlights

Here are just a few highlights of my Disneyland trip. I joined my daughters, Candice and Camille and their families on Wednesday, after work. I didn't realize what work was until I went on all the rides with the grandkids, helped wrestle 2 - 18 month olds, climbed in and out of the rides while carrying a child, "slept" in the same bed with an 18 month old for 2 nights and with a 4 year old the other 2 nights. (Beds just aren't big enough for an adult and the sprawled out body of a toddler) Yes, a lot of work but even more fun! I may not be as young as I used to be but I'm still a kid at heart. Thanks for the invite!

There were 5 in the bed and the little one said..."I'm crowded, roll over!" Here's how the night started; all five children watching TV in the hide-a-bed. One by one they were moved to their bed as they fell asleep.

We found the "Weinermobile" in the parking lot of the hotel. The way the kids were acting, it was obvious they were standing by the appropriately named vehicle.

Here are Candice, Andy, Emily, Cyrus and Kelsey in Disneyland

Camille, Caitlyn and Adalyn

Emily and Camille on their way to the Indiana Jones ride.

Emily and Kelsey standing next to Snow White (If I have to have a favorite princess, Snow White is mine) I would have carpel tunnel having to hold my hand that way for every picture.

This picture looks like Emily is an escapee from Haunted Mansion (shiver)

Cyrus and Adalyn outside Haunted Mansion. They're smiling now...

Candice and Cyrus on Dumbo

What do you mean no flash pictures allowed in the Snow White ride? This is not what I was seeing before I took the picture!

I met my good friend, Jill, at Downtown Disney! We used to work together before she moved to California. What a treat to be able to visit with her.
I have a lot more pictures but I don't want to bore you...all at once.
It was fun!


Valerie said...

I love Disneyland! You better post more pictures. Looks like you all had a great time!

gigi said...

Such a cute family you have there. Daughters as well as Grandkids. Yall have fun.

Jill Kaufusi said...

Were tall socks and shorts the new Disneyland dress code? If yes, then I am sad I did not go.

Cherie said...

I {HEART} Disneyland and it is so fun to go with family - kids, grandkids - Love it!

Just seeing your pictures made me happy :D

Kazzy said...

Terrific photos! And so glad you got to see Jill!

Ann Marie said...

I agree with Cherie.. Seeing you in Disneyland made me happy too!

It's one of my most favorite places... How fun you saw someone you knew there..
It's a small world after all...

KC said...

I am so glad you had the opportunity to go. I love that place, as you know, and I just love being able to watch the magic touch my kids...maybe just Brooklyn right now, but it is just so fun for them! So glad you got to experience that with your grandkids...and maybe even girls?